Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Fever

Our family has totally enjoyed the 2012 London Olympics this summer.  Haven't you?  Luckily this event happens at a time when we can stay up late because we have been going to bed at midnight about every night. 

If you are looking for an idea for the Closing Ceremonies, I hope this can help.  I'm sorry that I didn't share it with you sooner but it is summer and with all the children at home, it hasn't worked.

On opening day of the Olympics, my husband came up with and prepared a fun way to welcome in the Olympics and also provide snacks during the 4.5 hours of the Opening Ceremonies (which we watched in its entirety.  Our favorite parts were Mr. Bean and the Queen being helicoptered into the stadium). 

You can pull this off very easily:

1.  Make or purchase a bunch of different food items from different countries.  Make sure you kick everyone out of the kitchen while you prepare.  It will lead to the anticipation.  (Thank you husband.  I enjoyed the break!)  Give each item a number.  Represented at our spread were the countries of Germany, Greece, USA, Thailand, England, India, Japan, Peru Morocco, Spain, Belgium, and Italy.

 If someone didn't get this country right, they were in big trouble with ME!
 2.  Give each guest/child a piece of paper and pencil and have them number their paper #1 thru whatever number of food items you have.   Read the country.  Have each person write down the country's name in the numbered spot that goes with the food item.  My husband even planned that two countries were represented twice. Tricky husband.

 3.  After guessing, give out answers.  The trickiest one - the Coke looking drink in the middle.  We thought it was USA but no, no, no, it was another country as there was lemonade mixed within the Coke. 

4.  EAT the delectable Olympic food items.

5.  If you wanted to add a bit more, you could throw in some Olympic trivia too. 

Can you tell which food items go with which country?

The kids had a blast doing this and even our teenage boy wanted to throw a party for his friends and do the same thing (which we were going to do during the Olympics but couldn't find a free evening when people were in town).

There you go. Was that simple or what?   Instead of having a regular dinner this Sunday night, do this instead.  It is a lot more fun and educational.

My sister and her husband have been living in London for the past year.  How lucky they have been to attend many of the Olympic events.  We even caught them on television during a waterpolo game.   Pretty exciting stuff. 

  Enjoy the last two days of the games.  It  has been thrilling.  So proud of all the Olympians.