Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

AtticGal Rachelle says:

Happy Halloween everybody! Hope it is dreadful!

Come check out my creepy photos of gargoyles and tombstones on my photo blog, The Attic Window, to get you into that gloomy Halloween spirit!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Attic has a New Window!

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

I have finally done it! I have opened a window in this dusty old attic to let a little light in.

My photography hobby has bloomed into a full blown passion, and so my new photography business, Attic Window Photography, and its accompanying blog, The Attic Window, were the next step. I am finally ready! Yippee!

The Attic Window

Come on by for a visit and just click on my various albums on the right side. I hope you enjoy the view from my Attic Window!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Witch's Lair Dead Ahead!

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

I was feeling WITCHY, so I decided to pull out my Halloween decor and create my witches' lair. Now I am feeling much more comfortable.

Come inside... if you dare.

Near the front is our family graveyard with bones strewn among the headstones. Inside the gate is a stack of pumpkins and a recent addition, a smoldering cauldron that my kids can't get enough of.

Another new addition to the family, a wayward witch who landed head-first in an urn. My kids saw the idea in a magazine, and begged me to copy it. I already had the witch socks. The legs were just poles wrapped with bath towels. I found the shoes at a garage sale. The were black suede, but the soles were light, so I spray painted them with a shimmering metallic black paint. Perfect! I think they are hilarious.

A chair on the front porch invites guests to have a seat that is already occupied by a pumpkin, a crow, and a tangle of barbed wire. Very welcoming, don't you think?

A friendly spider meets you in the entryway.

The sentimental witch has a wall with photos of all of her long departed family members.

On the opposite wall is the witches' mudroom where she can hang up her cape and broom after a long night in flight. Above it are silhouettes of her and her sisters, Hilda and Hazel. Lovely.

I simply spray painted some old oval frames and freehanded some witch silhouettes on black paper and cut them out.

A banner announces "Spooky" as if you didn't know already.

After my ascension to the top of Notre Dame, I have a new-found love for gargoyles. Such cuddle creatures. They watch over my witches lair, but these ones keep the evil spirits in, not out. Nestled among them are black and white photos I took in an ancient cemetery in France. I put the in the silver frames that hold my family pictures the rest of the year.

Also to greet you in the entryway is my favorite headless hanging friend draped in strips of cloth. Out of the corner of my eye I keep thinking someone is standing there. When i found her at a garage sale, I knew she would be perfect for Halloween.

Also in the hallway are a pair of ravens. We painted an old birdcage black and made one of them his own little flag. Quoth the Raven: "NEVERMORE'." Caw, caw, caw.

On the dining room table, a witch has been concocting her powerful potions and secret serums

while a few of her feathered and furry friend look on from above. One of my kids put them there to be funny, but I think the black creatures look great against the stark red and white, so they are staying (at least for the rest of the month. They will be gone by Christmas, I promise.)

I am a big fan of the holey gauze drape cloths that you can hang on everything to make it all super creepy. Something is too cheery to fit into the spooky theme? Just drape it is this stuff. Done. Instant creeps!

And it also helps to have a whole bunch of little grey mice running around the dining room table...

and some big fat cockroaches, of course. And every witch needs a skull with ruby eyes (the rubies were an addition for my twins' Indiana Jones birthday party a few years back. Now I can't imagine him without them.)

The living room doubles as the witches' study. She is quite cultured and has the masterpiece The Moaning Lisa.

The witch's spell library and the candelabra she uses to read them by.

More gauze cloths on the curtains. And the witch's black cat sit atop a stack of old luggage anxious for a trip to Salem. Wonder how she gets that luggage on the broom anyway?

So that is the witch's lair. I think I say this every holiday, but decorating for Halloween is my favorite - at least it is the most fun (plus, you don't have to dust for a whole month!) It really gives me the chance to get creative and silly, and tap into my dark side. (insert cackling high-pitched evil laugh here.)

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Friday, October 8, 2010


Attic Gal Rachelle says:

I love old stuff, as you know, and when I find something old and cool at a garage sale I have to snap it up and then think of something cool to do with it. Well, while back I came across a box of electrical insulators and I looked at them until I became inspired. They looked like ghosts, so that is what the became. Isn't he cute?

Then, once my imagination was chugging along, the green insulators looked like Frankensteins to me. It took a bit more artistry, but the results are darling. The bolts are actually silver pushpins with the pins removed. (A stroke of genius, I know!)

Another version. Not sure which I like better.

I also took an old rolling pin with black handles and wrapped it with strips of muslin to make a mummy. The eyes are just tucked in and glued and the arms are just a single strip of muslin with a knot tied in the middle. I gave him a pumpkin to hold, and a little spider to keep him company. So easy. So cute.

I love my mummy.

What spooky creatures can you make out of the old stuff you have?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homey Goodness

I think most people really enjoy the feeling that the fall brings. I know I do. It is so nice to see the weather change (for us it is from 120 to maybe 110). Although our weather doesn't change that much and we are still swimming in the pool from time to time, I still love the decorating, the food, the ambiance that fall brings.

Yesterday I came across this:
It's at the Clean Mama blog. What a super idea! There is even a whole check-list of things to do this month that give you the "feel" of the fall - make something with apples, make a stew or soup, figure out a better way to do laundry, etc... I think I'll follow along and see what happens in my own life (and hopefully posting on this blog) this month.

Have a Homey Goodness Month!