Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homey Goodness

I think most people really enjoy the feeling that the fall brings. I know I do. It is so nice to see the weather change (for us it is from 120 to maybe 110). Although our weather doesn't change that much and we are still swimming in the pool from time to time, I still love the decorating, the food, the ambiance that fall brings.

Yesterday I came across this:
It's at the Clean Mama blog. What a super idea! There is even a whole check-list of things to do this month that give you the "feel" of the fall - make something with apples, make a stew or soup, figure out a better way to do laundry, etc... I think I'll follow along and see what happens in my own life (and hopefully posting on this blog) this month.

Have a Homey Goodness Month!


  1. Thanks for the link up Alysa! Glad to have you along :)

  2. Ok, well, I deep cleaned something already this month, and it feels good, but making something with apples sounds like a lot more fun. But first I decorate for fall!