Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Chalk Ink

Need something fun for Christmas (or any other time)?   I discovered Chalk Ink markers.  These were hard to find so I'm sharing the scoop with you all.  These are chalk markers - works like a paint pen but looks like chalk.  Do you know the awesome signs that restaurants, grocery stores and coffee shops have?   Once dry, Chalk Ink can create a clean look without all the dust and mess and can be removed with water.   How cool is that?  I used chalkboard paint for the door going out to my garage.  It's a perfect place to use these pens.  Or like my cute nieces, Tiegan and Tierney, who told me about these pens.   They painted their kitchen table with chalkboard paint and then use the markers to draw pictures, to keep score during a board game, write quotes, etc. (see picture).  Got a space you can use these?  Thinking of painting my play room table...

You can purchase them directly from the website here: