Monday, February 11, 2013

Feeling the Love At Home

  Every Monday night we have Family Home Evening (or Family Night) where we sing songs, go over the calendar for the week, have a lesson and do an activity.  Tonight's lesson, because it is so close to Valentine's Day, is about showing love in our family and expressing love.  We cut out hearts and each person in the family had to write something they love about the other members of the family.  I love how they turned out and now I have instant decorations for my kitchen.  We'll enjoy looking at these love notes all week.

Love that girl!

If you haven't yet, there is still time for you to do this with your family and enjoy the messages all week.  Here are some that just made me smile:

Love how Maddie used LOL

Since Brooke can't spell yet, she did a picture of her and sister "Moo" dancing.

Love the picture and words

Here's one child who decided to call himself "thou" and write in Shakespearean language 

We all love his fluffiness

This made some kids laugh and some kids go "Ewww"  Ha!