Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Few Fun Finds

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Who is that masked garage sale marauder? No one is fooled by Attic Gal Rachelle's disguise. Actually, this is an improvement from how I usually look on Saturday mornings.

I didn't buy the mask, but I did find this at that same sale:

Yes, I found this huge nest basket. It actually wasn't for sale. The lady invited us into the house to look at some furniture. I noticed the cool basket and commented. The lady said she just bought it, and loved it, but since I liked it so much she offered it to me for $5! It is brand new. No joke.

Then seeing my excitement over the basket, she said she had some stone eggs to go in the nest, and she threw them in for free! They are beautiful polished stone. This one has fossils.

Still, when I got home, the eggs got lost in the huge basket. I remembered a big terra cotta bird I had found months ago at a GS that now lived in the backyard. He fits his new nest perfectly, don't you think?

At the same sale I also picked up this big beautiful Italian stoneware footed bowl. Just the night before I had thought I needed something cool to corral my bread in, then I found this. $5. Perfect.

This past weekend, since it was Easter weekend, the garage sales weren't so plentiful. But I did find this funky quilt that had been made out of old embroidered dishcloths(?) that tell the story of the three little pigs.
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff..." Love the little brick house with the pig peeking out.

This little piggy plays the fiddle.

And I also found another interesting sheep for my lamb collection. Love the blue.

And a few weeks ago, while Attic Gall Alysa was fighting off the crowds at her Martha Stewart-esque garage sale, I was out on the trail without her. I had a great morning. I found these milk glass teacups. There were 6, but one broke while on the road. Sniff. Sniff.

I also found a stack of fantastic design books, that I have been really having fun digging through for inspiration. I'll have to post some of my favorites sometime. I also found this pretty Fenton glass "bird of happiness" for a quarter. She is hand painted, and the flowers sparkle with glass glitter. Isn't she just sweet?

I also found this little silver trophy cup. It is sterling! Another quarter. And this pudgy little glass bird that the lady let me have for free! And guess where I found this box of postcards featuring vintage soap labels? At Alysa's own garage sale. She never opened the box. I'm so glad I did, because lookie what was inside:

She said she was selling them because she didn't send post cards. Well, sending them never crossed my mind. I can craft with them, of course. I am gonna have fun with these! Sorry, Alysa. You snooze, you loose. Just kidding. We'll make something fabulous together, OK?

OK, now one last fun find, guaranteed to make your mouth water:

These lovely shelves made from weathered wood, old doorknobs, light fixtures, and hardware.

I don't need them, and I'm still trying to decide which kid to get rid of to make room for them, but I had to have them.

I'll figure it out. Until then, I'll drool lover them as they lean against the wall.

Attic Gal Alysa says:

"Attic Gal Rachelle, all your items make me drool! I love those shelves. Wouldn't it be fun if we had a shop? Then one of you could enjoy 1 or 2 or all 3. I'm glad you are posting your finds so I can enjoy them all over again :)

Are these the cutest boots? Look at the detail. Lelli Kelly boots for girls. The lady said she paid $95.00 for them. Luckily, I picked them up for $2. I placed them in the washing machine and waa-laah, ready for when my little ones feet.

Look at the details

Couldn't pass on these pink True Religion cords for my daughter.
There were three of these Vera Bradley aprons. The lady selling them said she got them at a conference and they were not her style. Lucky for us, they are ours. Both Rachelle and I were able to enjoy this find. Vera Bradley, we love your style.

I know I purchased more items than this. I need to get better about posting right away as I tend to forget what I purchased. It's to be expected as I'm older than Rachelle.

Have you found anything fun lately? Please share with us.

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