Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Few Stamped Projects

Its has been a busy month of birthdays and such, and I have taken a few pictures of some of the stamped projects I have done.  Here is a quick peek.

My friend Denice had a birthday, and I gave her an apothecary jar filled with layers of blue and gold wrapped candies to match the designs that were already on the jar.  It reminded me of the ocean, so I made the tag with a a big sea shell and tied it with lots of pretty brown and blue ribbon.

 The matching bag contains a few large sea shells and some sand, so Denice has something summery to display in the jar when the candy is all gone (She has 4 teenage sons, so I knew that candy wouldn't last long!).

On top of the candy I placed a large starfish, just for fun.

My friend Jenie also had a birthday.  I gave her stamps, of course, and a big scallop punch.  I just decorated a bag, and made a funky topper and tag to match.  Also my signature roses in a milk glass vase.  I LOVE milk glass, and so whenever I find a milk glass vase (usually about a dime) at a garage sale, I snatch it up to give roses from my garden in.

Every month I have three ladies that I visit, and I like to always bring them a little gift, a very little gift (usually I only spend a dollar each).  I found my favorite fragrance at Bath and Body Works in little purse sized lotions for a buck each.  I quickly stamped and punched out little tags in black with gold swirls just for fun.

For our trip to BYU Women's Conference I made these darling notebooks.  I found the polka dotted books at the dollar store, then added a stamped label, a bit more stamping, and attached a ribbon bookmark.  The charms were parts of a bracelet that I had that broke and I never bothered to fix.  They worked out perfectly!

Finally, these are the Mother's Day cards I made for my out-of-town sisters and friends.  I love the Manhattan style flowers, and my new butterfly die for my Big Shot.  You can't see it from the picture, but the butterfly body is an adhesive strip covered in microbeads.


  1. Cute. Cute. I love all the stuff you do. I love my notebook. You are amazing!

  2. Oh my GOODness! The things you do! It's like my brain is just missing that part. I don't even know what I'm missing out on until I check over here... SO cute.

  3. You are unbelievably talented. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.


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  5. Oops,I will try again.......
    Those are just gorgeous! Hmmm, I can't wait to get MY card. Tee hee, lucky me!