Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Shower Pacifiers

We celebrated the birth of this little boy this past Saturday

And these were the cute favors/decor we had on the table when dining at Cheesecake Factory (see only the pacifiers on the bottom left). Mine were a little different but I got the idea from my friend Kim. These are the ones from her shower (along with everything else on this picture collage)

Why Cheesecake Factory? No cleaning of your house, no getting exhausted, no making anything, no shoo-ing your family away for hours, and just having a great relaxing time with your friends. My friend and I paid for the drinks, appetizers and cheesecake while food was up to the individual. Easy.

Back to the pacifiers. Buy some of those new yummy/taste like Thin Mint chocolate covered Oreos, some blue jelly beans, and some lifesavers. Oh, AND a chocolate bar to melt so the stuff will stick to the Oreo (or use chocolate chips). Melt your chocolate and cut the tips of the jelly beans off and dip the end in chocolate and stick in onto the center of one side of the cookie. Let them dry, then do the same thing for the lifesavers on the other side of the cookie. Tie a ribbon through the lifesaver and WHALA!

I like easy baby showers.

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  1. Such a cute idea! I couldn't quite get the picture when you were describing them to me, but they are so fun.

    I am so bummed that i missed all the fun.