Thursday, May 27, 2010

Steps, Stools, and Spray Paint

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

The Shabby Nest is having a Frugal Friday Linky party. Go over there and check her out. Here is my entry!

So a while back our piano bench somehow mysteriously got broken - smashed, actually. Such a thing is inevitable in a house with 6 active boys. Ever since my boys have been practicing with a chair and their piano teacher is not thrilled about that.

So a few weeks ago, I found this darling, but battered, bench at a garage sale for the low down price of just $2. The paint was chipped and cracked and the cushion was covered in a white vinyl faux leather. But is is sturdy, and around here, that is all that matters.

It is amazing what half an hour of my time and a can of black spray paint can do:
I simply put a piece from a vintage tablecloth right over the white vinyl cushion (it wasn't quite big enough,) and covered it with a clear vinyl.

I think it looks great! (and now my boys have no more excuses for not practicing.)

A few months ago I found these bed steps while out saleing. I guess people used these in the old days when their beds were so high.

The paint job was pretty beat up, but I just LOVED the lines to this unusual piece. I got daring and sprayed it a bright red-orange called "paprika."

I think it just pops on the end of my white bed and brings some fresh color to my bedroom.

There is nothing so quick or so satisfying as spray painting something!

So what have you got in you house that needs a little color? Spray paint. I'm telling you. Spray paint!


  1. Those steps are AMAZING! I could use a set to get into my bed :). I think I might just upholster our piano bench now. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. Oh what a darling set of stairs! Your bravery with the color paid off. They are adorable!! :o)