Monday, April 4, 2011

Babies, Babies, Everywhere Babies!

AtticGal Rachelle says:

It seems that everyone (but me) is having babies these days! I have been invited to so many baby showers lately, so I have had to come up with some fun baby girl and baby boy gifts. I started by buying some fun fleece and making several girl blankets and several boy blankets, then assceesorizing the other gifts, cards, and wrapping to match. (I have a matching problem - everything has to match!)

The girl blankets are bright pink. I found this super darling owl pillow at Target and couldn't resist! So I used my Owl punch and SU! stamps to make these darling scalloped circle cards and also to stamp the gift bag.

The blanket was made by simple cutting a scalloped edge onto the fleece using a soup can as a guide. Then I sewed on a textural, baby-friendly applique. What a pretty package!

For the boys I got a bit messier! I made their blankets with orange dump truck themed fleece. I used the dump truck, and it's accompanying dirt as a theme for everything. The card and bag are stamped with construction vehicles moving pounds of dirt, and the word "DIRT" colorfully spelled out.

I tied the edges of the blanket and added another applique - a dump truck this time. I also added a toy dump truck to the gift.

Inside the cards I wrote "Welcome to the wonderful world of Dirt!" I should know. I happen to be an expert on boy dirt!

This worked out great! I might have to make this a habit of making baby gifts in batches like this, several at a time, so i can be ready next time there is a bumper crop of babies around here.

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  1. So, so very cute! Where in the world do you find the time and come up with such fantastic ideas and then execute them?