Saturday, March 28, 2009

Favorite Things - A Giveaway

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Relief Society, our church's woman's organization was having a party, and the theme was "Favorite Things."  We were supposed to bring a wrapped gift that represented one of our favorite things.  Well, I have a LOT of favorite things.  I didn't even know where to start.

Here is what I came up with...

* I love, love, love milk glass!  I have hundreds of pieces, all garage sale finds, and all so pretty together. (I'll show you my collection at another time. Promise.)

* I love stamping!  

* I love my Big Shot die cut/embossing machine from Stampin' Up!  Everything, except for the bird was popped out of my Big Shot.  So easy.

* I love birds.

*I love ribbon.

*I love springtime... and pastels... and Cheer too- Why not?

And even the wrapping was one of my favorite things:

* I love toile! But you might have already guessed that.

My sweet friend, and brand new mom, Kendall, won my gift.  I hope she enjoys it.

Speaking of favorite things...

* I love flowers, and this time of year, I especially love tulips.

* I also love my new camera.

So when last year's tulips popped up out of the ground to welcome spring, I couldn't help but snap a few shots.

The tulips were a bit unexpected because I thought it didn't get cold enough here for the tulip bulbs to do their thing.  I guess it does.  A happy surprise.

* I love happy surprises!

I feel inspired.  I think I want to paint this flower.

* I love to watercolor!

I'll show you when I'm done, OK?

Oops.  Now I'm committed.  Its been a long time since I picked up a paintbrush, but I will do it this time.


* I love comments!

* I love giveaways.

And since I had such a great garage sale morning, and found another milk glass plate just like the one above, I have decided to make another one and give it away to an attic digger who leaves a comment and  shares their favorite things with us.  How 'bout that?  Leave a comment, tell us few of your favorite things, then check back on April 1st and see if you won.

So, what "favorite things" would you put in your gift bag?


  1. Oh, so pretty! I love the milk glass and the toile paper-that package is wrapped really pretty!

    I love so many things-my Dear Son, toile, crystal chandeliers, mirrors, flowers, gardening, anything feminine or romantic.

  2. Your milk glass plate is darling. I love garden things, birds, candles, quirky silver jewelery, hankies, kitchen gadgets. I could go on and on.

  3. I love all of your favorite things! I also love stained glass, anything with roses, soft sheets, my laptop, lamps, paintings, all kinds of flowers, cookbooks, anything shabby chic, I better stop, I could go on and on. LOL

  4. I too love milk glass, but only have a few pieces as we don't have fabulous garage sales like you gals do, but I have two of my grandma's pieces as she had a collection so milk glass reminds me of her!
    Other favorite things: dinner out with my entire family, my children, road trips! , chocolate, mashed potatoes, salad, baking and giving it away so I don't eat it all, choir time at the elementary, my sisters! , candles, a good book, things that smell good (yes I am a sniffer!), giving gifts to people, etc. etc.
    I guess my most favorite though is my family and being with them! I love family time and miss my kids being small!!! My other most favorite thing is my grandkids, which are part of the family, but they are the BEST!!! Wait until you girls have them, wow, sooooooo wonderful!!!!
    Oh, one more favorite thing, my basement flooding this year! You ask, why is that a favorite? Well, because of it, we have had mountains of work to do, but we have been able to recarpet the entire house, and repaint most of it and honestly, I have hated my carpet since we moved in (strange since we picked it out), so..... our basement flooding has been a real blessing, plus, it has made me clean and dust EVERYTHING and give alot away!!! This is one way to get your spring cleaning done! Oh, and I love my new future son in law! His father owns a carpet and flooring business so that has enabled us to do the entire house for less $, well, I love him for other reasons too, but that is a good one!!

  5. Lets see, some favorite things...I always love a good contest...and I love my fun friends from the desert who told me about your fun blog! I adore my kids, I love antiques, dark wood, anything handmade, the smell of fresh baked goods and freshly painted walls (I just painted a few rooms and am loving how color makes such a lovely and simple change!).

  6. What kind of things do I love? Birds, bunnies. toile, bees, mint julep cups and organization. Those are a few things I love.

  7. Gosh, I love milk glass items, also. I have a few pieces that I adore. I also love white pottery. I love things with chippy paint. And like you, I LOVE my Big Shot, too! I'm making little boxes today with my Box #2 die cut and my Big Shot. I love your cheery plate. Kendall is lucky to be the recipient of such a nice gift - and so beautifully packaged, too!

  8. I'm too tired to tell you all my favorite things... but I thought I'd comment anyway and get into the running for your giveaway. Giveaways are one of my favorite things :)

  9. I love your blog!!! I love my family, camping, reading, sewing, taking long walks, taking long baths, crafting, and creating new things from other peoples junk. I also love to shop at really great consignment shops and garage sales. Thanks for entertaining me with your fun finds and great ideas!!!

  10. I love chocolate. I love teacups. I too love toile!! And I love picture frames!