Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Set in Stone

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Several months ago I bought four different natural stone floor medallions this this at a garage sale for $5 each.  They were all different, and all very pretty.  I bought them in hopes of having them installed in my floor of my entryway.

Then, a few weeks ago I found 3 more at a totally different garage sale for about the same price.  What luck!  I wasn't sure what I would do with 7 medallions, round and square, but I thought we could put them somewhere, IF we could get the backing board off.  They were cemented on pretty good.  We had a few different tile guys look at them, and they said they couldn't get them off the board without damaging them.  But I have learned that when someone says something can't be done, you need to ask someone else.  Sure enough, we found a guy who was able to get the backs off no problem, and install them too!

At that second garage sale, I also found this 24" mosaic stone medallion.  It was only $25.  I found the exact one online for $350!  It is absolutely beautiful.  Anyone who knows me well know I am an Italiophile, and I have always wanted to have a mosaic floor in my entryway.  Now I have one!  Ready to see?



I absolutely Love it!  See how it matches the existing tile work perfectly.  Not bad, huh?

Well the medallions also look great too.

This is the medallion we installed in the master bath.  I just love how it looks in there.

And look at how well it matches the existing stonework border!


We had two matching medallions, so we installed them both in our hallway.

The rest were installed in the floors of my hubby's beautiful office.  He is thrilled with how classy they look.

Two were installed in the waiting room.  Please note: the beautiful leather chairs, the half-round hutch, the plant, and the sphere were all garage sale finds!  The handmade vase was won at a charity auction.

We installed the last one in the break room.

I am so excited about this garage sale find!   I paid a total of $60 for all the stone medallions, and another couple hundred to have them installed.  Not bad.  And what an impact.  I just love it when I put a fun find to good use.  Another project done. 

Remember when you come across something like that at a garage sale, use your imagination, take a chance, and when someone tells you it can't be done, find someone who can do it.  You just might be thrilled with the results.

Set in Stone.


  1. of course I would have thought to purchase a tile at a garage sale -- I always am thinking that clearly on Saturday mornings! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE mosiacs and these look so great. I especially love the one in your entry! Great job.