Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Attic Gal Alysa!

Today is Attic Gal Alysa’s birthday, and it’s a big one!

A good friend would never outright tell a girlfriend’s age, but here are 40 reasons I love Alysa.

1.She is fun.  Shortly after we met, we were walking down the hall of our church one evening.  She spotted some balloons on the floor of the nursery room. “Let’s sit on ‘em!” she suggested, and in moments the two of us, grown women, had popped them all.  I knew I would have a ball with this gal.

2.  She loves monograms,

3.  the patina of old wood,

4.  Hershey’s kisses,

5.  Mexican Wood furniture,

6.  people,

7.  and making people happy,

8.  Saturday mornings,

9.  the scriptures,

10.  General Conference,

11.  running,

12.  the grilled eggplant sandwich at Cheesecake Factory (though she can’t stand cheesecake),

13.  crushed ice,

14.  family traditions,

15.  and creative blogs.


16.  She is totally devoted to her kids,

17.  her hubby,

18.  moi,

19.  the Church,

20.  and the Lord.


21.  She collects wood bowls,

22.  cake plates,

23.  Fiesta ware,

24.  vintage printed tablecloths,

25.  and good ideas.


26.  She speaks Japanese.


27.  She has more friends than anyone I know of who isn’t rich or famous.


28.  She is really good at remembering phone numbers,

29.  saying  just the right thing at the right time,

30.  finding a great deal,

31.  baking chocolate chip cookies,

32.  discovering the talents in others,

33.  encouraging them in their talents,

34.  and utilizing their talents to enrich her life and the lives of her family,

35.  listening

36.  and laughing.


37. She is the most conscientious mom I know.


38, 39, and 40.  She will always be older and wiser than me!


Sure, our friendship has had its rocky moments, every relationship does.  When we discovered that she loves her chocolate frozen, and I love mine just on the verge of melting, it was almost the end.  But we pushed through that, and now our friendship is better than ever!  I’m so glad. 


She and I are in the process of planning a dream trip to see the fall colors in Vermont, come October 2024 (as soon as our kiddos are grown and gone.)  I can’t wait!


But before that, we are planning a road trip to Utah next week to go the BYU Women’s Conference and celebrate her birthday.  Yippie!  Road trip with NO kids!  We gonna have fun, girl!


Happy Birthday Attic Gal Alysa!


  1. Happy Birthday Alysa, hope you have a wonderful trip, and that your birthday is a fun, great day!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  3. love you aunt alysa. you better tell us when you're on campus so that we can come and visit you! Happy BIrthday!

  4. That was sweet. Happy Birthday Alysa! No wonder so many love you! What I'd like to add is that Alysa has a way of making each person she meets feel like they are a million bucks.

  5. Ahh, lovely post Rachelle! She is the sweetest, always has been since day one!!!!

  6. Aww, happiest birthday, Alysa!

  7. Wow, who is this girl :) She sounds better than she really is :) I think I'm in love with her. Hee. Hee. How sweet! Loved the post as I love the girl that wrote it. Thank you! What a great, great day thanks to wonderful family and friends! You're the best!

  8. Happy Birthday Alysa! Have a great road trip. I LOVE Women's Conf!

  9. I came across this again when I was googling something about the Mo-Tab and this was the first thing that came up. I forgot how wonderful this list is and how well you know me. Thanks again. I had fun reading it again this morning. I love you - even if you do like your chocolate at room temperature.