Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Little Eggs-citement

 Attic Gal Rachelle says:

My kids and I have been having a bit of eggs-citement making Easter eggs around here.

This time, I decided to blow my eggs, so that we could keep our eggs for decorating.  Let me tell you, nothing is more eggs-citing than blowing a bunch of eggs.  I spent a hour Saturday morning, using a nail to carefully drill holes in each end of the eggs and break up the yoke, then blow on  one end to get all the egg matter out.  (Not pictures for you, my friend.  I do have my dignity!)  Then I carefully washed each one out and put them back in the open carton to dry.  Please note:  My Darling Hubby was about two feet away from me the whole time I was blowing my brains out through these 18 little eggs.  That evening, when I was ready to decorate them, they were gone!  When I enquired of my DH, he said he had thought they were trash, and had thrown them away!  How does a man not notice his woman sitting next to him blowing on a bushel of eggs?  But the good man did some digging in the big trash can outside and rescued all but 4.  My hero!  A real man will dumpster dive to save his woman's eggs.  See what I mean?  Eggs-citing!

Here is what we did with our rescued eggs:

Aren't these ones just fun?  These came from a kit I got after Easter at Target last year.    We decoupaged them with paper grass and butterfly images and set them in tiny flower pots.  But you don't need a kit.  You can easily snip blades of grass from green paper, or I have seen this done with actual blades of real grass.  You can use butterfly stickers, or even little flowers or birds would be darling in the grass.  I have seen the tiny pots at craft stores.  I just love how they turned out.  My kids had fun making them!

With the rest of the dyed eggs, we slathered them in glue and sprinkled with fine glitter.  Then decorated with strips of zigzag paper, flower sequins, punched out leaves, and seed beads.   You just can't do these wrong. 

I have been dying to try my hand at covering large wooden eggs in decorative paper.  It was a bit more work than I expected, but who doesn't love to make a sticky mess?

I started by wrapping paper around an egg to measure the paper, then cutting it into a rectangle.

Then I folded it the long way and cut slits all along the unfolded edges.

I unfolded it and wrapped it around the egg, then snipped the ends of each strip into darts, careful not to cut too much, so that the paper would fit around the curves of the egg.

Then I decoupaged the paper onto the eggs, and carefully smoothed the papers down over one end and then the other.

A thin layer of glue and chunky clear glitter covered a multitude of errors.  

I heart glitter!

I learned the hard way that the thinner the paper the better.  I have seen it done with pretty origami papers.  That would be ideal.  This egg is covered in card stock, which was a pain to work with.  But I HAD to have a paisley egg, so what choice did I have, really?

OK, so these eggs aren't really that eggs-citing, but I was anxious to try them, so I did.

Happy Easter, all you attic diggers!

PS  Is there an easier way to empty out an egg shell that doesn't involve putting my lips on a slimy egg?  Please share.


  1. Your eggs are so pretty. I will have to try them. That was sweet that your hubby dug them out of the trash for you. Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for the tips, i was not very successful with decoupageing our eggs but i will try again. mishelle

  3. I love your eggs and I especially love the way you showed us all how to do it. Of course, the story of your husband throwing out your eggs and then dumpster diving to retreive them makes the whole post! You gotta love that man! Without these little bloopers life just wouldn't be as interesting. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  4. Oh, that was too funny! I would have been steamed...I am only laughing because that is something that a husband would think they would notice and then...they don't. My sympathy to you but thankfully he was able to get them and you were able to complete the project. They turned out beautiful!

  5. Girl, you never cease to amaze me with your talent and energy. Pass some this way. Love ya.

  6. I am SO in love with the butterfly and grass eggs. They're beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing the idea. Next year, for sure.