Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who's Turn Is It?

Attic Gal Alysa says:

Do you ever have those times where children are fighting for the front seat of the car or who goes next in a game? Here's a fun solution that our family uses. The Cube. Last summer I made this while I was traveling with my children without my husband. I needed it for my sanity as I knew the children would be fighting for seats, music, food, etc. As you can see mine has had a lot of use. I need a new one for this summer and beyond. (I think the next one I make I'll include Attic Gal Rachelle in on the fun and we'll come up with something really wonderful. )

Just take a cube of wood and either modge podge pictures onto it or tape it. I taped the outside of the whole block just because I couldn't find the modge podge at that time. If you have too many children for the 6 sides, double them up or if you have less, put their face on there a few times. You can add parents, grandparents, friends, whomever you want.

This works for our family and takes the blame off me and onto the cube :)


  1. What a great idea! I wish that I would've had this whenever I had 5 kids at home! lol

  2. Fun idea, lady! I especially like it, because with six kids, I don't even have to put my own picture. Even better.

    Maybe I should make my very own cube with MY picture on every side. "Who gets the last cookie?" Toss. "Me, again!" Lucky me!

  3. hahaha. That is too funny. I need to keep this in my file for later. p.s. I am LOVING that book you gave me for Mother's Day. I read a little bit each day and am almost done. Thank you thank you thank you!