Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some Fall-iday Stamping

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

I have been having some fun doing a little bit of fall and holiday stamping.

I just love this darling pumpkin! Wouldn't these little guys be so cute sitting on each plate at Thanksgiving?

It is so easy. Here is a little tutorial.

Punch out 8 scalloped circles with a scalloped circle punch. (I ran my paper through the Big Shot with a swirled texture plate first to give it some fun embossed texture, but it isn't necessary.)

Also, I had some leftover tops I cut off of some brown paper lunch sacks I used for another project, so I just used that for the stem (I hate wasting anything!) I cut them into strips that were about 1/2 inch wider that the diameter of the circles, and rolled them up like a cigarette, glueing down the edge.

Then sponge the edges on one side of each of the circles with dark orange ink.

Then fold each of the circles in half with the decorated/sponged side INSIDE the fold.

Glue half of one circle to the next, until you have glued all 8 together.

Before finishing the ball by gluing the beginning and end halves together, stick the brown paper stem into the middle, so it ticks up a bit from the top, and glue it all together.

Punch out a green leaf with a leaf punch, and make some curls with a few very thin strips of green cardstock.

Done. Cute.

Here is another pretty card. The pheasant was done with marker thumping - basically I thumped different fall colored markers directly onto the stamp before stamping. I love how this came out!

Here is a fun and easy little gift card holder made with a half sheet of card stock (cut the long way.)

There is a little pocket inside that is perfect for a gift card.

I also had fun with my new ornament punch. I made these 3D ornament cards using the same idea as the pumpkin, only with 3 ornament punches.

First I jumbo-wheeled, stamped, and ran the background through the Big Shot in an embossing folder.

For the ornament, I embossed 1 Mary and Joseph and 2 Bethlehem images onto white glossy card stock, then using a sponge rubbed yellow ink in the middle and then blue around it. I punched them out, folded each in half, then glued them together, so the Mary and Joseph were in the middle. I added a ribbon and a bow, and glued the ornament onto the card. It flattens to put it in the envelope just fine.

Here is another beautiful card done the same way, only much easier. The background was simply run through the embossing folder, and the ornament was simply stamped 3 times, punched out, and a bit of chunky clear glitter was added to the center of each.

I think it is my favorite!

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