Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Corn

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

My first grader was assigned to bring the snack for his class today, and we wanted to make something with a fall theme. We decided to make these Indian Corn cereal snacks that I found in Family Fun Magazine a few years back. Click here for link. (We doubled the recipe and omitted the sticks).

This was our first time making these, and they were so easy that Caleb did most of the work. It was so fun to make them together!

They are made like rice crispy treats, only instead of crispies you use Kix cereal with some diced dry fruit tossed in. Let it cool for about 5-10 minutes, then form into corn cob shapes with buttered hands. We cut up fruit rolls to make the husks.

They turned out really darling, and tasted surprisingly good!

Make some of these corny treats with your kiddos this weekend!

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  1. Those are so neat! I'll bet the kids were thrilled with them. I'll have to remember this one.