Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas at Alysa's

Welcome to my home.

Upon entering my home, our front table (which really is a dresser) houses this huge Nativity scene. (Excuse the flash in the mirror). I love nativities or better yet, creches. When I was growing up, my mom had them all through our house and our church use to have 100s displayed at Christmas time. I knew I wanted a good variety of them when I grew up.

This Holy Family scene is placed in the middle of my home to remind my family that Christ should be the center of our lives. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece. I actually have this up all year-round. It's a great reminder of what the quote reads.

I take everything out of my china hutch and fill it with a variety of creches. Here are just a few. Top one my in-laws brought from the Philippines, middle is Scandinavian (from a garage sale), and the bottom one is Lladro-esque. (I really need some greenery around these.)

I love this one. Can you believe my friend gave it to me years ago from Wally World? One of my favorites.

African nativity. Again, a garage sale purchase. Isn't it beautiful? I just love the long and lean pieces.

My parents purchased this for me in Jerusalem. It's made from the Olive Tree. Have you noticed in some of these that we are missing the Baby Jesus? Remember, He doesn't come until Christmas morning. (A Mexican tradition we've added to our traditions.)

When you come in my house, you'll see the staircase off to the right. Notice the wreaths match the one on the front door? (Excuse my son doing some sort of gymnastics on the staircase.)

Here are some decorations that my children really love. When I was growing up, my mom decorated her mantle with nutcrackers. I've done the same. Each nutcracker represents our family members with their stocking hanging below (I noticed I'm looking sort of man-ish.) My children enjoy playing with these (naughty children) so hot glue has been a staple with these crackers.

Guess who made this fun name tree for me? You guessed it. Rachelle. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful AND creative friend. Let her know if you want her to do a tutorial.

We've got to have a bit of Santa in our decor. Here is my collection of Santas that I've collected through the years. Check out the Santa picture in the middle. Yes, Rachelle water-colored that for me one year. Am I lucky or what??

My brother-in-law carved this as a Christmas gift for me one year. It came with a whole story that talked about how this kitchen gnome will help my food taste good if I keep it close to where I am cooking. (Let's not ask my family if this is true or not.) Even though my brother-in-law has passed on, I think of him every time I look at this precious gift of time and love.

Thank you for stopping by my home. Be sure to check out Rachelle's home by clicking here. Come back again to the attic soon, will you? Merry Christmas.


  1. Love it! Great post! I feel so honored! I do love all your nativity sets! I don't think I couls choose a favorite, because they are all so cool in their own way.

    The nutcracker idea over the stocking is a great one. I can tell just which nutcracker belongs to which kid!

  2. I love all of your nativities. Your tree made from blocks is AMAZING. What a great idea! Thanks so much for the tour!

  3. ♥ your home, it looks fabulous, very festive! May you be blessed beyond measure this Holiday season! thanks for sharing.
    Blessings~ Trisha

  4. I love it all. I especially like the African Nativity - that is really cool, design wise also. And the carving your late brother-in-law did - how wonderful! Your house is so festive and pretty. I'm afraid I haven't done much this year. We're still remodeling. I guess I could put garland over the saw in the kitchen...
    Thanks for posting - I enjoyed it!

  5. Hey Girl

    I love that you have collected so many nativity's. My fav i think is the first one.

    I love love love your wreaths. Did you make them?

    Also digging that cool antique Santa at the end.

    Thanks for sharing

    PS Loved your christmas card. You have such a beautiful family!!

  6. Your home is beautiful....I love all the nativity scenes and feels like a very special, cozy home!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Love it all . . . especially the nativity and Rachelle's cool name christmas tree!

  8. I have a super big love for nativities Your's are just beautiful!!!

  9. Love it all. I have quite a few nativities myself. I love to collect them. Next year I might need another space to put one out. I have a few first families carved in olive wood I leave out all year long. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Alysa -- first, I love your wreaths...I feel so welcome even just on the website! And you have the COOLEST nativities...I want some of those! haha Keep your eye out for me, will you? I LOVE the wooden ones! Less breakable! haha Everything looks festive there -- one day maybe we can spend it together. My friend was complaining about her family not getting together this year (actually, only one son wasn't coming) and I told her it's been 22 years since we've all been together! Terrible!!

  11. There are so many things I love about your house....the wreath...did you make that? I just love all the nativities you have.

  12. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your Christmas Spirit & decorations in your home. You are welcome to stop by my blog to view my tour as well.
    Happy Holidays & Many Blessings

  13. The wreaths were from Target. Can you believe it?

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