Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas at Our House

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

The Nester is having a Christmas Tour of Homes linky party, and I am excited to add my house to the list! Click the button on the right to go over to her Nest and check out how other fellow bloggers merrily deck their halls.

If you are new to Out of the Attic, WELCOME! We hope you have fun digging around up here in our attic, and find a treasure or two!

Welcome into my home! I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas, and love the feel in our home when it is all decked out for the holidays! I always start decorating the day after Thanksgiving, and have it done by December 1st so we can just enjoy it all month long!

Come on in!

The very first thing you see when you walk in my house is the very most important part of Christmas - the Christ child, of course. I display my collection of Nativities right in the entry way. I try to pick up a new nativity set every year. I have over 20 sets, some grand and some tiny. I love them all!

The jewelry trees are also in a place of importance. My grandmother made the red one, and my husband's grandmother made the purple one, and I thought it was so neat that we both inherited them!

Look up! There is a kissing ball! You better step aside before you get a big juicy one!

Just to your left is our living room - all done in Gold and Glitz!

In my favorite corner are the wisemen with a mirrored star. Every year I paint a Christmas picture that I use for the front of my Christmas card. I frame them and hang them up a Christmas time.

Do you like the gold and silver vintage ornaments in the apothocary jars? So did I, until my boys (I have 6 of them!) started horsing around.

Just hours after taking the picture above, I took the one below:


Anyway... happy thoughts... happy thoughts.

What really makes me happy is my Christmas tree - gold and glitz to the extreme! Start with lots of ribbon, gold cord, and strings of chunky pearls. Then lots and lots of big gold glass balls, gilded mirrors, and a mass of ornaments, most of them homemade. Finish it off with a flock of clip-on glass and feather birds, and tendrils of more ribbon cascading down from the angel above.

Thats how I do my tree. (See, you forgot about the broken ornaments already, haven't you? I'm still trying.)

To your right, you will find the dining room all dressed up for the holidays, with chair covers made from table runners, and a sparkley sheer fabric layered over the table cloth.

I put greenery and ribbon on everything. Really. Everything.

This brings us into the kitchen/family room, where things are far less formal, and more fun.

Our advent cabinet is popular around here, until all the candy disappears. Above is another of my Christmas paintings.

The old wood sock stretcher hangs here all year, but at Christmas, it gets warmed up by an old stocking that someone once knitted for some guy named Guy. What a guy, that Guy!

In the kitchen it is retro all the way with sugared apples on the pot rack...

...more vintage stocking on the cabinets...

and old crocks and my collection of vintage printed Christmas tablecloths! (Joyful!!!)

In the family room, all my snowmen sit among the milk glass in the cabinets and look down on all of us, while Santa and an elf perch on top.

More vintage stockings over the TV.

I love the candy striped ribbon over the piano!

On the piano are two building block trees - the one my mom made when I was a girl with the names of all my siblings spelled out, and the one I made just last year for my own family! My kids LOVE searching for their names! (Shall I do a how-to post about this? I will if you want me to.)

Also, by collection of old glass ornaments that I have found dirt cheap at garage sales over the years. The colors are great, and put me right into my happy place!

We always have two trees. The one family room has all the ornaments my kids made, the ones my friends have made, and any other loved ornaments that just don't have the necessary gold and glam for the big tree. I just might like it more that the gold tree, because it is packed with memories!

Over the fireplace are some old skis, an old sled, and a couple pairs of old ice skates.

I have actually never had a white Christmas. They are purely decorative. But we can pretend that we have been out playing in the snow all day, right?

So that is Christmas at our house! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do!

Come by sometime for a cup of hot cocoa and a carol or two! (We'll try to have all the broken glass cleaned up by then!)

Thanks for dropping by our Attic! Be sure to check out Alysa's Christmas home here. Come back soon!

...and have a wonderfully Merry Christmas!


  1. So glad to have discovered your blog! Beautiful Christmas decorations! And i LOVE the jewelry trees! And the meaning that comes with them. Simply awesome! ooxx

  2. Your front door is fantastic! i love all the details of your house, the crocks, the blocks, the sign on the wall, LOVE the sleigh. thanks for sharing!


    mY tOUR iS nOW sHARED....come by if you can to visit. Happy Holidays!


  4. Your home is beautiful. I love the building block tree!


  5. Your home is gorgeous!!

    I love everything, your nativites are awesome and I'd love to know how you made the building block tree, its too cute :)

    Merry Christmas,

  6. wow! so much to look at. what a lovely home. everything is so festive. thanks for the tour.


  7. Thanks for sharing your home. My favorite was the skis, sled and ice skates next to the fireplace. Everything is so beautiful!

  8. I am one of the lucky ones who get to see your house in person and I STILL love seeing everything. Thanks for posting.

  9. I love your big gold tree. I'm with you the more the better @ Christmas time. Your home is lovely.~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. You're house and decor are GORGEOUS!! I'm sad for you about your apothecary jar- breaking things is NOT fun, and those jars seem so hard to find in the first place!


  11. love your house! so sorry about the ornaments. That pic made me cringe a little so I can imagine how you felt. beautiful tree!

  12. You're my new BFF -- first, because you blog is written in Papyrus, my favorite font EVER, and second, because your home is inspiring. Thanks for linking up to Nester's CTOH -- I'm just randomly clicking over to posts, and I'm SO glad I found yours!!!

  13. Wow! So beautiful!! Can you come help me with my house! haha I especially love the Wise Men Still Seek Him. Thanks for the tour!