Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No Snow but Still Sledding

Need something fun to do outdoors even if you have no snow? How about ice blocking?

Grab some friends and family, a hill, a towel, gloves, clothes you don't mind getting grass-stained, and an ice block (sold at most grocery stores) and start cruising down the hills.

Go down on your bottom or on your chest.

It's a lot of fun especially followed-up with some hot chocolate.

Watch out for those little ones in case you have a runaway ice block. They might be trying to get back up the hill with their sled. Have you seen these grass sleds before? Who says you can't sled in the grass?
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  1. that really brings back memories of when I was in yw and we would go to that park in a really bad neighborhood at night and (of course always looking over our shoulders) slide down the hill on ice!!! That activity was always a hit!!!

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