Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why I Love You Pillow

Alysa says...

Don't you love looking at so many creative blogs? One in particular that I enjoy is How She Does blog. This blog is filled with some wonderful and easy ideas.

They just posted this unique Valentine idea that I fell in LOVE with!! I'm so excited that I found it before it was February 1st. There is still time for you and me. Why I Love You Pillows!

One of the writers, Alison, kicks off Valentines day in her house the first day in February by putting these pillows on her kids' bed. For 14 days, Alison and her husband leave love notes in them about why they love them.

Interested in making your Why I Love You pillow? There is a tutorial. Looks like I'll be heading off to Target this weekend.

Now I've posted all these Valentine's ideas from others, I better get busy making my own. I'll show you post-crafting pictures (if I really do get around to it, I'm no Rachelle - the gal who gets it done. I'm a wannabe :).


  1. What a small world it is...I am related to your friend Jennifer by marriage. Her husband is my husband's cousin... and a good friend of mine that was my neighbor is the Alison you are talking about on the How Does She site...such a small world...I love the ideas you post on your site :o)

  2. What a great comment. Thank you Idaho Olsens. Are you related to Jennifer Frank? I don't know the Alison you mentioned but I do love her blog. Thanks for checking in with us.

  3. Yes I am related to Jennifer Frank...her husband Kyle is my husband's cousin...such a small world. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with rest of us.