Monday, February 1, 2010

Upcoming Olympics Celebration

One of my dearest friends, who also was my college roommate, is coming with her wonderful family (which we love as much as her). Their visit is during the opening day of the Olympics. Wanting to make it special and memorable (and of course a learning experience), I'm wanting to plan something fun for both kids and adults to celebrate this inspiring and amazing event.

Does anyone have any great ideas?

I want to make this simple so I will actual do it and not totally wear myself out so I can't enjoy our guests, (remember what is most important here). Here is the brainstorming that was done while sitting in my car today:

Canadian food?

Pizza with different sections being topped with food that represent a certain country? (Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, etc)

Flag toothpicks (representing each country)and have in appetizers?

Have each child pick a country (out of a hat or one that they want) prior to the day and tell us a bit about it?

The child/adult gets up when their country is announced and walk around the room (hee, hee)?

Make t-shirts?

Instead of t-shirt, make socks, headband, bandanas or something else?

Spray hula hoops Olympic colors?

Do back handsprings in the yard? (just kidding)

Okay, there has got to be other really cool ideas out there in Blogland.
Please share yours. Can you hear the Olympic music playing?


  1. Got an idea today from Staci - she said make snowballs out of vanilla ice cream and roll them in coconut. Yummy!!!!

  2. hahaha, I had to look to see if you recieved some more comments. Come on people!! I know you have good ideas. I am trying to think of what we did when the salt lake ones were here. I will ponder, it makes me chuckle though that you are the only one writing a comment. I thought I had better add. I like the snowballs ideas. I bet there is a cake you can make that is decorated like the olympics. I just bought the CD today that was from teh salt lake ones, the one for the schools that I did with Megan's 4th grade that year and we went down to the capital and performed. It is really good!!! 2k2 baby!!! Love you!!!

  3. How bout a day up in the snow during the 4 day weekend- have your own races? Make medals out of chocolate coins and a make-shift awards stand. Let everyone pick their own "anthem" from itunes to have played when they win.

    I can't wait for the Olympics! We are glued to the TV from the lighting of the torch until the very end.

  4. Hi, stopping by from NorthernCottage. We're really looking forward to the Olympics too, especially since they are in Canada this year!

    We had our class make Olympic Torches (rolled cone shaped torches with red and orange tissue paper pulled out the top like flames.) The kids could decorate the torches.

    Decorate ring shaped cookies (or plain donuts) with icing in the colours of the Olympic torches.Or, if you are Canadian, go to Tim Horton's and buy some of their Canadian donuts they are selling right now (red maple leaf sprinkles.)

    Start collecting glossy magazine or newspaper photos of Winter Olympic sports, try to get a good selection. Let the kids cut them out and make their own placemats to use for the weekend.

    Cupcakes with little toothpick flags of different countries (print flags on computer).

    You can use this link:

    for colouring sheets and foldable printouts of the Olympic Mascots in Vancouver, Miga, Quatchi and Suma. Have fun!

  5. Ohh, fun ideas Elizabeth! Thanks!

    That gave me another idea. How about baking cupcakes into ice cream cones and frost flames on them to look like torches? Hey, why am I always thinking about cupcakes?

  6. Thank you Elizabeth. Your comment didn't link to my email so I didn't realize you had commented with such fabulous ideas! Thank you so much. This makes me even more excited.