Monday, February 15, 2010


Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Remember how my Valentine's meal was supposed to look like this?


Sometimes, despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes things just do turn out like we envisioned.

Sometimes disaster strikes.

Last night for our family Valentine's dinner I carefully planned and prepared for a festive heart shaped dinner. I made a huge 4lb meatloaf that I had molded into a huge heart, wrapped in bacon. When it came out of the oven I carefully slid it out of the pan full of ugly bacon drippings onto my favorite big round milk glass serving tray. Then I smothered it in my red meatloaf sauce (half catsup/half brown sugar) until the heart was glossy and red, then carefully spooned the mashed potatoes all around it until it was picture perfect.

Oh how I wish I had taken a picture!

But when it was time to serve it I tried to pick the platter off the counter and to my shock and dismay I discovered that the glass tray had shattered under the meatloaf! Obviously it was not tempered glass. The beautiful heart shaped meatloaf was lying on a layer of broken glass!

Thus - Heartbroken!

Well, my dad carefully helped me surgically remove the upper, non-glass-infested parts of the meatloaf so when we served it up it looked like this:

(Dad is not a heart surgeon, by the way.)

Not the look I was going for. When I wanted heart shaped, I didn't mean the actual organ along with the other innards as well - we save that sort of stuff for Halloween!

And due to technical difficulties, our pretty plump jello eggs came only to this - plus a whole lot of red jello all over the inside of my fridge. It looked like someone had bled out in there. Pretty as a picture!
Then, for dessert, I uncovered the beautifully decorated Valentine red velvet cake, half of the lovely decorative frosting stuck to the cover. More heartbreak.
So that was what became of my perfectly planned Valentines dinner.

But guess what? Everything tasted terrific! Nobody else seemed to mind the ugly nature of our dinner and we all feasted!
Turns out the only one who was heartbroken was me.

I guess sometimes our best laid plans just flop. It happens to all of us, right? I guess we just have to laugh and laugh and make the best of it.
Hope you had a picture perfect Valentines day!

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