Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy Season!

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

If all you Attic Diggers are feeling a bit neglected I apologize. I have been busy with a million things, not the least of which is my new photography business, Attic Window Photography. 'Tis the season for family photos. Come by my blog, The Attic Window, to see what I've been up to. And you can even view pics of our own Attic Gal Alysa's own beautiful family HERE.

And I am also currently in the thick of recreating THIS - a magical Christmas wonderland. I have a made a few changes to my holiday decor since last year and will post those later, but if you haven't seen my place, or want to be reminded of what a decorating madwoman I am, check this out.

I am also getting ready for my annual ornament party this Friday night, and all my dearest friends are frantically making their ornaments. (No, I have not made mine yet, which is sort of a tradition of mine.) Here is last year's. The theme this year is "All Creatures Great and Small" and I can't wait to see what clever little critters these gals come up with!

Yet as madly busy as I am, I am also giddy with delight that the holiday season is upon us once again. Granted, I am way, way behind where I should be at this point, but for some reason, this year I am just too excited about Christmas to care.

Happy Busy Season everyone! May it be as busy and as joyous as ever!

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