Friday, April 22, 2011

To Dye For!

AtticGal Rachelle says:

Looking for some easy fun new ways to dye your eggs? Here are a few my kiddos had fun with:

May favorite: wrap boiled eggs in pieces of wide lace and tie it tightly with a rubber band. That's it!

Dye as usual. The extra lace makes a nice handle for easy dying, and the lace can be reused over and over.

So pretty!!!

Even easier - wrap eggs with rubber bands of different widths.

The effects are really cool!

My kids love the stickers! Use hole reinforce stickers for fun circle shapes.

Or Letter stickers for personalized or monogramed eggs,

and Easter words, of course.

I absolutely LOVED these, but the we had a tough time getting some of the stickers off.

Have fun dying your Easter eggs! Have a wonderful Easter!

Tidy Mom


  1. So pretty! Have you ever done the silk tie eggs? I want to try it next year... they look so cool!