Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little Birdie Told Me...

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

A little birdie told me that spring is here (That little birdie is the mocking bird that belts out his own rendition of car alarms outside my bedroom window - all night long!  Really.)
And springtime always gets my nesting instinct flaring, so this year I put that nesting instinct to good use with what else?  Nests, eggs, and little birdies.

I went on the search for pretties at my favorite stores and around my house and yard, piled it all on the table, then started to fiddle around to see what worked where.

My milk glass cake plates are usually stacked on the dining table, but this time I decided to separate them and top them with bell jars and cake domes that I had around the house.

The rosemary trees I brought in from the backyard.  I like the height they add to the display.

I just love my little resin nest with the happy birdies.  I discovered them at Tai Pan Trading, which is absolutely my most favorite store ever!  It brings me to my happy place!  Scratch that.  It IS my happy place.  Tai Pan is basically a Home Depot for girls - it is the size of Home Depot, but it as all home decor, like your favorite home boutique on steroids.  And the displays are gorgeous!  You can't help but be inspired!  But unlike a fancy boutique, the prices are great!  The bad news is that there are only a few of them - a couple in Utah, and a new one here in So Cal.  Mine is over an hour's drive away, but SO WORTH the trip!  If you don't live in Utah or So Cal, I truly mourn for you.  I do.  But if you ever happen to be anywhere near a Tai Pan be sure to make your way over.  Give yourself a good three hours to really see it all, and make room in your vehicle.

Sorry, I didn't want to sound like an infomercial - but it really is that eye-poppingly fantastic.  I never get bored with that place, and there is always something new.

I also got the pretty little eggs that are in the nest at TPT, and the potted herbs.  TPT specializes in silk flowers, plants, and artificial fruits, etc, that look totally real.

I found the leggy apothecary jar with the eggs at HomeGoods - not nearly as fun as TPT, but close to home and therefore accessible for regular visits.  The little green wire nesty stand with the dome was also from TPT,  (Blow it up to see how stinkin' cute it is) as well as the little nest inside.

Under another dome is simply another pot of herbs and a few tiny pots and eggs.

I love this nest I found at TPT.  It has soft moss and feathers woven into it.  A little bird stands guard over  her eggs.  Tweet tweet.

The cake dome was just $4 at TPT.

Don't you just love this sweet little bird bath ($8), and the happy birdies ($3 ea.) that are enjoying themselves in it.  TPT finds too.

The Home sign with the little birdie was $5 at Marshall's.  I just love it!

Another aviary display in the corner of the living room, with my apothecary jars.  I love the bulb I found at TPT in the tall jar!  And look how the hanging nest I snatched up at TPT just fits in that big jar.  It looks like it is just floating in there.

The sweet quail eggs are also from TPT, and look darling in the rotund jar with the little nest I found for $0.49 at Marshall's.  I might just have to put a pixie in there.

A closer look at that hanging nest, and these delightful pudgy mossy tweeters, again TPT, $3 each!

Thanks for letting me you show you the a few eggs-citing finds around my nest.  It has been a real tweet!


  1. I love your vignette you created. It certainly says spring.

  2. What a beautiful collection of Springtime joy! I just discovered Home Goods this week and thought I was floating on a cloud! I can't imagine what Tai Pan would do to me! No where near my neck of the woods, though. Beautiful display. Just beautiful.

  3. Oh, I just love your collection! I've been trying to bring more spring indoors, since it doesn't feel like spring outside. It really does help! Thank you for sharing.


  4. I do love all of your Spring goodies. Everything looks gorgeous.

  5. Everything looks just perfect! I love it!

  6. All of it is beautiful! You are very talented. I wish that we had a store down here like that! I would be in trouble! Oh well...

  7. Excuse me, can you please pass me a toile tissue? I just discovered your blog the other day and added you to my feed, I came back for a second look today to check out your favorite store, Tai Pan Trading and clicked on the link. It is NOT an on-line store and I can't shop for all of the lovely things! Wah!!! No fair!

    I did sign up for the newsletter though:) Love what you said about being a Home Depot for girls. You really know how to reign us in! Hopefully, they'll send me a catalog soon. Until then, I'll have to drool.

    Maybe you could indulge me every now and then and take your camera to the store and take some pictures of some items in the store?

    Thanks. Love your blog!

  8. Sorry for enlightening you on what you are missing with Tai Pan. What you don't know can't hurt you, so what you do know can hurt a lot. Sending you to a link that is not an online store was nothing short of cruel. My apologies. Just pretend you never heard of Tai Pan, OK?

    I am dying to take my camera in there. I will ask permission next time I go. Hey free advertising, right?

    Thanks for visiting the Attic, Dream Mom!

  9. I love your nests. They make such beautiful springtime decorations.What a great idea.