Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Bon Voyage!"

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Au revoir!  My Hubby and parents and I are heading off for a fabulous vaycay in France and the City of Lights!   I am SO excited!  

My camera is fully loaded with a new lens and a new tripod, and I have been reading every photography book I could get my hands on.   I have about a dozen empty memory cards waiting to be filled  with the most wonderful pictures of... well, Frenchy French things.  And I will share some of the best with you.

Here is a sneak peak.  I am very excited because one night we are staying at this bed & breakfast, the Manoir de l'Abbaye in the Loire Valley.  

And this is the bedroom - MY bedroom!  Yes, ladies, that is TOILE!  Real French toile in a real French B&B!  You all know my passion for toile, and when this happened to be the only available room anywhere in the Loire, I knew someone above was smiling on me!!!

Stone walls, and a huge fireplace with copper pots hanging in it.  Really, does it get any more French than that?  

Oh, and this is the view:


(Sadly, it is only one night.  We spend the rest of the trip at the Marriott, which is nice, but not quite as as... charming.)

That is just a tiny taste of what is in store for me! Can't wait to share some of it with you, my favorite attic diggers!  

And with that I am off! 

Au revior!

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  1. I know you will have a wonderful time. The B&B couldn't be more perfect.