Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Little Piggy...

Late last Saturday night I realized that I was supposed to give a lesson to the teenage girls at our church the next morning. Yikes!  Usually I like at least 2 weeks to prepare!  The topic was "Choice and Accountability."  Thinking quickly, I remembered these cute little piggy banks I had picked up a TaiPan a month or two ago.  They were only $0.91 each, so I picked up several, thinking I might be able to use them for just such an occasion.  I also picked up the bigger one for all of two bucks.

It wasn't hard to figure out how to make piggy banks work to teach accountability - the root word is 'account', as it 'bank account' or 'accountant'.  There you go!

But the piggies were plain white, and I tried to figure out how to make them a bit more, well, darling.  I tried stamping on them with Staz-On, but the stamps kept slipping on their shiny round little rumps, so that was not going to work.  Then I remembered my rub-ons!  They worked perfectly!  I quickly rubbed some little flowers onto their little ham hineys, and they were done!  

Then using the printer, and some stamps and punches, I quickly made some little "coins" to stick in the coin slot that say "Choose to make deposits in you Celestial Account daily."

For my lesson I hid the little piggies, and just had the larger one on the table.  I had a bunch of coins and bills, and talked about how there is an accounting made of each of our choices, and when we make good choices it is like putting money in that account.  We talked about different choices we make, large and small, and with each suggestion, I put a coin or bill in my piggy bank.  We talked about how fast you can fill up a piggy bank with just small change - the little good decisions we make everyday - like obeying our parents, being nice to you siblings, or smiling at someone.  It worked out great.

Then I revealed the tiny little piggies.  The girls were delighted!  They loved them!  I told them that every time they get handful of pocket change they need to remember that all those little everyday choices add up to a lifetime of happiness!

Don't you just love it when you get a bit of inspiration after you've completely blown it?


  1. This was so creative! The way you told the story and used the little banks to help tell it. They are cute little piggy banks too...especially after you added the flowers! I bet they really enjoyed it and will remember it always. I know that I will and I wasn't even there.

    Lee Laurie

  2. This is awesome. Will you stay in YW until Maddie has been there awhile?? This makes me want to go to Tai Pan today! Good job lady. You are amazing!