Saturday, October 24, 2009

Candy Corn Pots

Alysa says: Hi Everyone! Yes, I've fallen off the face of the earth. I think October has been the busiest month. Has it been for you? Lots of good things to be involved with and attend.

One afternoon, my two little ones and I painted these candy corn pots. Very easy. We actually taught this craft at two different parties (8-11 year old girls) the past two weeks. Thank you Martha Stewart.

Here's what you'll need:

new, small terra-cotta pot (found a variety of small sizes at Joann's)
acrylic pain in yellow, orange, and white
paint brush
cellophane bags

Use pencil to mark stripes on pots (if you need to or just do the width of the paint brush). Brush on acrylic paints between lines to make bands, letting each color dry before moving on to the next. When painting the top stripe, go over the lip of the pots and paint inside (so they will look good even as they're emptied). Once the pots are dry, place a cellophane bag in the pot and then fill with handfuls of candy corns.

The finished pots came in handy as "thank yous" to the many events we attended this month or as new people moved into our area. So next time you're running errands, grab some supplies and enjoy making these by yourself or with your children.

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  1. Great one, girl!

    You should know that my absolute favorite non-chocolate candy is candy corn. (I have inhaled tons of the stuff this month.) So if you happen to have an extra one of those pots hanging around... Just saying... ;-D