Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Witch's Spell Library

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

In dark corner of the witch's lair is a pile of old spell books and the bloody candelabra that the old hag reads them by.

I started with a old broken candelabra lamp that I found in a garage sale.  First I removed the light fixtures and the wiring, then I carefully removed the crystals, spray painted the whole thing black, then hung the crystals back on.

I have seen bloody candles for sale in stores, but they are very expensive.  I had some used and broken white and off-white taper candles.  I just used a lighter to drip red wax from another old candle I had all around the edge of the tapers.  A five minute project!

The witch still has the bouquet given to her by a lover, long dead and gone.  I used a great shaped silver vase that I found at a garage sale, and filled it with black flowers.  I found the cheapest, ugliest flower picks I could find at the dollar store (the ones with the nasty netting are the best!) and spray painted them black.

I found the sheer spider web tablecloth after Halloween at Target (they have the best Halloween stuff!)  I also used old tarnished silver trays and such to fill with various items.  Don't polish them, whatever you do!  I found the Tricks and Treats boxes free online.  Just printed them off, cut them out, and stuck them together.  The skull candle was a score at a garage sale.  When you burn it, blood runs from the eyes!  (The boys are really looking forward to that!)

The bloody candelabra sits on a stack of old books I have collected at garage sales over the years.  It doesn't matter what the subject matter is - if they are old with interesting covers and bindings, I'll take them.

Happy Spellmaking!

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