Friday, October 2, 2009

Some Fantastic Old Hags

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

First, I must say that I'm SO SO SO SORRY that I have let my fellow attic diggers down.  Here you all were, enjoying yourselves, digging around in my attic, at my invitation, and I basically turned out the light, and left you all in a dark attic wondering if I just went downstairs for a quick snack or if I have left you there for good.   What kind of hostess am I anyway?  I feel like such a witch.  My apologies.  I have just gotten a little distracted (Paris will do that to a girl) is all, and life got crazy.  But I have finally gotten into the swing of things a bit (have the kids already been in school a month already?)  And with the holidays coming, I am feeling my creative juices flowing again.

I got all my Halloween decor up yesterday (Oct. 1st - I don't mess around!), and everything looks great.  I will post all of them in a bit - after I add a few little touches.   I get way out of control with my Halloween decor.  But here is just a little peek into the "witch's lair" and an easy idea you might want to try.

In the entryway of the witch's lair, I have, of course, a place where she can hang her pointed hat and broom after a long night spooking trick-or-treaters.

I thought the witch would want to have some family pictures of her wicked predecessors in the entryway.  

I don't have before pictures because I made these last year before starting this blog, but I basically had 3 unfinished round frames, with no glass or backing, that I found at a garage sale.  They don't even match.

I just spray-painted them black, and cut out some heavy white cardstock to fit in the frames.

Then I drew some witch silhouettes on black paper, cut them out and glued them to the white cardstock (with the pencil marks down).  Then I glues them into the backs of the frames.  Done.

They are witches, so the are supposed to be, well, ugly, so they are not too hard to create of your own.  Just make a crooked pointy hat, a long nose and a long chin, some hair - you know.  You can look at mine if you want, and just practice drawing some until you get a few you like, then transfer it onto a black paper and cut it out.  If you are not brave enough to make your own, then maybe you could look up images online of witch profiles or something, and use them as a pattern.

Then hang some old keys, striped long socks, some black lace, a cape and hat with a mother-of-pearl antique buckle, and of course, the broom (I found that crooked sweeper at Cost Plus last year.)  Oh, and a furry rat was a nice creepy touch, huh?

Anyways, happy haunting you all... from my witch's lair to yours!