Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sans Frames

I'm linking today with Skip to My Lou's "Made By You Mondays". Be sure to check out their other great ideas.

Do you have an area in your house that won't accommodate frames? Or are you tired of never find the right frame or spending a fortune on them? Here's an idea for you.

I had that exact problem. I recently put white write-on boards on my wall. Above it is a narrow shelf. I tried putting framed prints up there but they soon toppled over and crashed to the floor. So here was the next best idea:

I've seen these ideas on other blogs such as here and other places (which I can't remember now) and thought I would give it a try.

1. Purchase your canvas. You can buy it at Michael's or Jo Ann's with coupons or buy a 2-pack at Wal-mart for $9.99

2. Print off your pictures. I decided to have my pictures printed to 11x14 from Costco. They have sizes as large as 16x20 or as small as 4x6. You decide.

3. Paint around the edges, if you want. Choose a color that either goes with the print or your home decor.

4. After the colored paint has dried, paint a bunch of Mod Podge on to the top of the canvas.

5. Quickly place the photo on top of the Mod Podge surface. Press over the picture so it adheres to the surface.

6. Once dry, turn it over and cut the extra picture that is laying over the canvas.

7. Turn the picture back over and Mod Podge over the print. That's right -- over the print. Believe me, it will come out of the fog and be clear again. Promise.

8. Once dry, set them up on the wall or wherever you want to enjoy them. It was such a fun and easy project to do that I went ahead and purchased more canvas and enlarged more of my prints. Just make sure you don't do what I did -- forget to edit your prints on for the correct size. Ugh. Oh well. I can always reprint, right?

Until next time, this idea is out of the attic of my mind and "to do list" and now available to you. Enjoy!


  1. OK, I love this. Great post (and great post photos, by the way). I love how you did the edges pink and blue. Now I just have to decide where I can put some of my own. Hmm.

    Doesn't it feel good to go from "to do" list to a finished post? Awesome!

  2. I just saw your post on my blog so I had to check these out. I love them!!! This is going to be a must do for me. How do you keep the picture from bubbling with the modge podge? Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Hi Kim: I do have some bubbling on one picture but only through feeling it. I should have just pressed down more but I wasn't too careful.