Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rice Cakes!

Attic Gal Rachelle says:
Last week my twins had their annual Blue & Gold dinner for Cub Scouts. There is always a traditional cake decorating contest. This year we made cupcakes that looked like Chinese Takeout. One made the fried rice, and the other made the chow mein.

They really looked like real Chinese food. The fried rice was made with frosting and Rice Crispies, the green onions were slices of sour straws, the egg and carrot were made from fruit chews, and the peas were green skittles. For the chow mein, the noodles were just squeezed two tone frosting, the green onions were more sliced sour straws, the ham was made from pink fruit chews, and the broccoli was made from green fruit chews, frosting, and green nonpareils.

We put each cupcake in a take out box, and put chocolate sauce in a few small bowls for soy sauce.

So fun! My kids did most of the work.

Actually, the hardest part was running all over town to find the right candies.

We found the idea in this book, "What's New Cupcake" the sequel to my other favorite cupcake book "Hello Cupcake" by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson. We have made several cupcakes from both books and have been thrilled with the results every time. I think the instructions are always easy to follow, and they tell you where you can find some of the harder to find ingredients (like the green nonpareils.) Pick either of the two books up and you'll be amazed at the cool cupcakes that they have come up with.

Here are some of the other very creative cakes the cub scouts made: a pizza, a volcano, a beach with a surfer on a wave, light sabers, a very authentic looking Wolf Cub cap, and an amazing Wii console that stood up straight. Very clever.

We just have so much fun decorating cakes, especially cupcakes, around here. This weekend my twins are having birthday party. Any idea what kind of cake I can make for a Spy party? There is nothing in my cupcake books about that. I guess I will have to do some digging around in my attic to see what I can come up with.

Until then, anyone up for some Chinese take out?

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Those might be the cutest cupcakes I have ever seen! I am overwhelmingly impressed! I've gotta get that book! Lisa~