Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stampin' Club Swap

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

I host a monthly Stampin Club in my home where I teach stamping and such to a fun group of ladies. It is tradition to have a card swap for our last class of the season where everyone brings cards that they have made to trade. It is so fun to see what everyone has learned, and what they have created.

First, though, as always, we do some hands-on projects that I have designed to learn new techniques.

Here is one of the projects we did since I have been seeing a need in my life for cards that might appeal to teenage males.

(I did a few other darling projects, but I want to show you how, so I will same them for a future post.)

My friend April made this darling card. I love how she folded the corner of the decorative paper up so you can see both of the pretty sides.

My friend Sue made this very pretty card as a baby announcement for her new grand baby. I love the interesting paper folding! I need her to teach me how she does that!

My dear friend Dayna made this Father's day card. She is a punch lover and so a girl after my own heart.

Here is the super cute card she made for my birthday and a thank you. I love the bright colors and the punched pattern paper! So playful and fun (and easy too).

I think everyone's favorite trade was from my very own Mom! She made this super cute box (complete with cookies inside). It was stunning in black and red. SO fun! I love the knotted ribbons as the flower centers. That's my mom. I'm so proud!

For my trade I actually did something a bit out of season. But I was dying to try making these divided boxes with gift tags at Christmas, and ran out of time - so I made them for the trade. They were a lot of work, but I love how they came out using all the fun patterned paper and the ornament punch.

Besides, its never too early to start on Christmas, right? I think I'll make more so I'll be ready for the holidays (they always come sooner than you think!)

If you are a local, and want to learn to stamp, or want to learn some new techniques with a lot of hands-on projects, and personal help from yours truly, as well as getting some free stamps and stuff, and a good time each month with some really great gals, then join my Stamp Club. We will start up again in September.

Thanks for the good times, and the great swaps ladies!!!

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