Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day is almost here. Do you have something planned to honor your own father, the father of your children or a male that is "like a father" to you?

Remember last year's ideas? If not, link here. I still love that idea. As I was visiting my dad this past May, he DID hang it in his office. Is that cute or what? My 77 year old dad with his older children's' pictures hanging in his office. Loved it!

Just saw this idea today on Roots and Wings Co. blog. What a fun blog! I want to spend more time on it, when I have a chance this summer. Great ideas. Here is their tutorial:

Hands Down Best Dad!

Super easy:
2. Paint your canvas. I like my backgrounds mottled. But you can paint it nicely just one color if you like.

3. Trace your kid's arms and hands onto fun paper. I thought these were fun papers because they had designs in them. The brown one is hard to see, but there is a fun pattern on it too.
4. Oh Mod Podge! Why do you mock us so? I mean who calls it Mod Podge? We all know the name should be Modge Podge, right? Well get out your Modge Podge and plaster the hands down. Make sure you leave enough room to paint your saying on. (I totally have to agree with these gals. Who does say Mod Podge?)
5. Print your saying using cute fonts, onto regular paper.

6. On the back of your paper, scribble with a pencil to make a transfer. Make sure you get all of the back of each letter covered.

7. Put the paper on your canvas. Trace over your saying. It will leave a light imprint for you to paint the words in.
Spray it with sealant or cover with some coats of Modge Podge.

**Little details I added....I loosely *traced* around each hand with some brown paint. I also painted in my boy's names next to their hand. It is small (and blurred out) but it is there.

Thank you Anjeanette for sharing!
I'll blog again soon,

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  1. Thanks for linking this post! It is such a fun one to make for Fathers!