Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Windows of Opportunity

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Last week I found this very cool old window at a garage sale.  You must understand that we live in a relatively new area, and we don't have very many old buildings, thus very little of the fun architectural salvage you might find in other older parts of the country.  So when I find something as cool and colorful as this, I don't dare pass up my window of opportunity, even though I had NO idea of what I was going to do with it.

Several months ago I had also found this great old narrow window with beautiful beveled glass at a garage sale.  I didn't pass that window of opportunity either.  Its been just propped up in the corner of my bedroom ever since.

But I was afraid to leave my newly acquired colorful window sitting around, for fear that in this crazy house, it might get broken, so I took the initiative and this is what I did...

With a few hooks and eyes, and a stud finder, I was able to hang them in the hallway and entryway.  I just love the glowing gem-like colors.

The long one looks great in the entryway.  The picture cannot capture how the bevels catch the light and draw the eye up and away from the always-messy floors.

I just love how the old windows add some color, sparkle, and vintage architectural interest to my relatively new house. 

One more project crossed off my list.  I'm so glad I took that window of opportunity and just did it.


  1. I love stained glass windows! These are gorgeous!

  2. Love it! Aren't you so glad you have dear friends that called you that morning to tell you about something they knew you would love? You're so lucky! :) Great job girl.