Monday, July 13, 2009


Attic Gal Rachelle says:

The perfect pair of red patent leather pumps from the Rack: $40

A matching patent leather red belt from the Rack: $14

Strands of glass beads and a pendant from Michaels: $18

Feeling totally put-together: Priceless!

 Yes, I did pay a whole $40 for a pair of shoes at Nordstrom Rack, which seems like an awfully lot for a garage sale fanatic, but please know that I wear a gargantuan size 12 - a size seldom to be found at many stores, let alone garage sales.  So when I found these precious ruby red pumps and they actually fit my honking feet, I HAD to get them.  I love shoes, and whenever I find a fabulous pair of size 12s (a rare, rare treat) I snatch them up and worry what I'll wear them with later.  And when I found the belt, I knew it was fate - and a call to assemble the perfect ensemble.  I knew I had to have the perfect jewelry (shiny and red, of course) to balance out the shoes.  But I didn't run around the mall searching for the right bling. I went to the craft store instead where  I found some great beads and the fantastic glass flower pendant.   Perfect!   Now there was no doubt that fate was stepping in.  So I made the necklace, watch band, and even a pair of earrings.  I just love that with so many terrific beads out there, we can make jewelry to match any outfit with just a few simple skills and a little creativity.  And that, my friend, is...



  1. I love, love, love your outfit! It is beautiful! You look like a fashion model! Your jewelry is awesome! You go girl!
    Lee Laurie

  2. I found some red shoes this week too!!! And they were under $10 because I had some Kohls cash! It was fate!

  3. I love finding good bargains on cute things! way cute outfit!