Friday, July 10, 2009

Meet Our Two New Friends!

Attic Gal Alysa says:

We had lots of fun "saleing" a few weeks ago.

What should I name my new friend?

I love the shelving that actually can fold up if I want it too. Someday when my daughters' room is clean I'll show you how it turned out holding colorful quilts on it.

The little table will come in handy in a small place and the quilt -- love those quilts.

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

Those white shelves Alysa grabbed are extreemly cool. Wish I had had a place for them!

I found an old Golden Book of Christmas Carols, to add to my collection, and some pretty seashells for my summer apothocary jars. My nickname is Shelly, so I have always been partial to seashells!

I found these fun French prints. I plan to paint mats pink, and they will be perfect in my pink room, (if I can find wall space -yikes!). Also some lovely French-milled soaps that would match perfectly in my pink room, only I better put them in my bathroom instead, huh? (If I seem to be getting a bit into all things French, maybe it's because I am going to Paris next month!!! Oh la la!)
We actually found TWO of the black dress forms, so we each got one!!! Just that morning we were saying how we wanted to find a fun dress form at a garage sale, and then we found two for a great deal! How 'bout that? We were like a couple of silly school girls with our new find, as we tried to gingerly get both of our new friends into our small car.

I have to admit, I do like finally having another gal in the house, even if I am jealous of her figure! (I bet she never had 6 kids!)

Now we just have come up with something cool to do with them. Any ideas?


  1. I just got a dress form yesterday too! Also a full body maniquin. (headless) Our store decorator was going to throw them out yesterday and she asked me if I could use them. I was thrilled! I plan on dressing one and putting it in my booth at the Vendor's Market for display. Maybe you could decopage pretty pictures on it and embellish it with old vintage jewelry and lace.

  2. Put one of those DARLING aprons on her and she can help out with the dishes or something!