Friday, October 30, 2009

Bootiful Baked Goods

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

We have been doing a lot of baking at our house this week:  Cupcakes for Caleb's 1st grade class for his birthday, a cake for the cake walk at the school's carnival, and cookies for the bake sale there.

The Owl Cupcakes, above, were so easy and fun to make.  The eyes are opened Oreos and Junior Mints.  The ears are made from the other half of the Oreos.  The beaks are banana Runts (who doesn't love the banana ones?).  We found these fun cupcakes in the wonderful book, Hello Cupcake! Whooo  Whoooo  Whoooo loves these cupcakes?  I do!

This morning my twins, who are 10 (both of them, imagine that!), did some baking for their school.  Derek made the cake mostly himself.  After frosting the cake, he swirled melted white chocolate around, then with a toothpick, ran through the white chocolate, from the middle out, to make the web.  The spider was created with some leftover Oreos,  a Junior Mint, and some black licorice.  Fun, and easy enough for a kid to do.

These Candy Corn Cookies are also very easy (and super tasty!).  Dylan started with pre-made cookie dough.  We were lucky enough to find dough that was already orange and punched out into pumpkin shapes.  Dylan rolled the dough out again, and cut them with a christmas tree shaped cutter (removing the trunk), but you could just cut the orange dough into triangles if you don't have the right cutter.  After they were baked and cooled, he dipped the tips into melted white chocolate, and the bottoms into melted semi-sweet chocolate.  They are so cute, and SO delicious!

Halloween is almost here, but these treats are so easy, you still have plenty of time to bake something fun!

Happy Haunting!