Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Freaky Food

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

We have a family tradition of having a Freaky Food night every October.  We started out doing it on Halloween, but it was way too crazy to really enjoy the evening when we were busy trying to put on costumes and attend all the Halloween activities, let alone go trick-or-treating on Halloween.  So now we have it sometime in the week of Halloween, and it is a lot more fun.

Last night we had our annual Freaky Food night, and invited a few other families to join us and bring some freaky food as well. (My son Caleb has a birthday just a few days before Halloween, so we usually celebrate his birthday the same night and he gets to invite the families.  Happy 6th Cabes!)

Remember, I have 6 sons, so it takes a lot to turn their stomachs.  But I sure try!

A bloody favorite of our family - severed fingers.  Simply  wrap one end of a Little Smokies sausage in bandages made from strips of tortilla and secure with a tooth pick.  Bake, then remove toothpicks, and dip "severed" end into catsup, and add a bit to the tip of the finger with your finger  to make the nail.  They look really disgusting but taste really good.

For the Body Part Appetizers, we simply stuck gummy body part candy to Ritz crackers with a bit of red jam.

Goblin Grins are made from asian peas, pepperoni slices, and slivered almonds.

Grandma brought her speciality - Coagulated Blood with Eyeballs.  Just red jello, stirred, not set, with globe grapes.  (Peel them for a super-creepy effect!)

My friend Shari made these witch fingers out of string cheese and bell peppers.  I LOVE them!

She also made these Monster Mouths with apples and slivered almonds.  The almonds and crisp apples are a tasty combination!  Take another BITE!

Mummy dogs are hot dogs wrapped in strips of refrigerated crescent rolls, then baked.  Eyes are mustard.  These disappear fast!

Meatloaf just like your mummy used to make.  Make meatloaf, only instead of putting it in a loaf pan, mound it in a dome on a baking dish.  Bake, than add a catsup/mustard/brown sugar mix on top.  The eyes are fresh mozzarella balls and olives, and the entire head is covered with cooked lasagna noodles.  If you can find the kind without the curly edges, use them.  We had to cut the wavy edges off ours.  Everybody, parents and kids alike, loves this one!

And a hold-out from our very first freaky food night years ago - Blood and Guts.  Tomato soup with pulled string cheese added just before serving.  My kids ask for Blood and Guts all year round.

I threw my twins an Indiana Jones birthday party last year, and just had to come up with Chilled Monkey Brains.  I took canned pear halves, and with a skewer carved them into brains.   take off the top narrow part of the pear, then carve the line down the middle kind of deep to make two hemispheres.  Then make the wrinkles by just swirling around the skewer into each hemisphere-are.  Put them back in their own juice that has red food color added to it, and let them chill for a few hours.  They are really very easy, once you try a few and get the hang of it.  Super creepy too.

The kids did these ghost cookies.  They just took a package of frosted oatmeal cookies, and using their fingerprints dipped in yellow food coloring and chocolate chips make the eyeballs.

My friend Roxanne brought this more-cute-than-creepy Jack-O-Lantern cheesecake.  It was exceptionally delicious!

And for dessert, my sister Lisa made this too-realistic-to-stomach Kitty Litter Cake.  It is really, really, really disgusting.  She made it in a real (unused, of course) litter pan and served it with a kitty litter scoop (also new).  Find the recipe here.

The little kitty turds are really microwaved Tootsie Rolls!  Don't you just want to sink your teeth into one of those? Yah, I didn't think so.

What a freaky feast we had!  

Are there any freaky foods that you like to serve your family?  Please do your best to turn our stomachs!

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  1. Great ideas Rachelle! We made the kitty litter cake and the mummies. HIlarious! Thanks for the ideas! I like your baking ones as well! You are a fun mom!