Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star Spangled Interior

Attic Gal Rachelle says:

My house has been officially festooned - the inside anyway, and since I added a bit since last year, and have a better camera, I took new pictures of my patriotic pad.

First, I had a bunch of fun Americana ribbon that I got super cheap after the post-911 patriotic fever cooled down.  But I snatched it up, because at least where I come from, patriotism never goes out of style.  These green leaf wreaths were and after-Christmas purchase a few years back, but I keep them up all year.  All I did was wrap the star-spangled ribbon around the wreaths that were already there, and tucked in the edges.  It took all of 2 minutes.

Recognize the flag stands from my previous post in the two bottom niches?

I used more of the wide ribbon just tied and looped in the chandelier.

I also glittered some chipboard stars, and hung them by fishing line from the chandelier.  I love the look.

From the entry you turn right and are in the dining room.  I have flags everywhere -  all garage sale finds.  

How fun is that?

I just have to say that Betsy Ross was brilliant!  I love the American flag - the colors are great and the stars and stripes are graphically  stunning.  Oh, and I also love it because America rocks!

I love the look of the parade flags in my various milk glass bud vases.  They look great a lined up at attention like this, or clustered together in the middle of the table.

I scrolled some of my super-wide ribbon along the niches in the entryway.  I sure wish I had more of that stuff!  And last night, since I couldn't sleep I made a fabric USA banner.  I think it is my favorite banner yet, though I think I say that with each banner I make.

I used more of the fun ribbon for bows between each pennant...

and I glittered more chipboard stars.  This is my favorite antique silver glitter from Martha Stewart.  It looks like old German glass glitter. (again, after-Christmas clearance).  Very pretty!  Then, since I didn't have blue glitter I just punched some blue stars out of blue CS and stuck them in the center.

Oh yes, I really love this banner!

I also pulled out some old archetectural iron stars.  The glass block was a gift from Attic Gal Alysa herself.

And then, just to be silly, I made a little Uncle Sam pixie with a baby picture of one of my twins.
I just drew stripes onto his overall cuffs with a red marker, and drew white stars with a white gel pen (Uniball makes a fabulous white gel pen!)

The flag was cut from a piece of the same ribbon I tied on the banner, and a tooth pick.  The hat was taken from an old WWII poster and a star brad and some glitter were added to punch it up.  He still needed something, so I drew a little Uncle Sam goatee with the white gel pen.  I don't know.  It is silly, and that is good enough for me.

The red, white and blue just pops in my yellow kitchen.  Just more old flags.

This spirit of 76 is my favorite flag!

Remember the red chair I found saleing a few weeks ago?  Attic Gal Alysa and I found the blue star quilts on our girl trip to Utah in May!  Perfect.

Another favorite flag, this huge old 48 star coffin flag hangs over, and completely covers, the tall stone fireplace - (but nobody build fires here this time of year anyway.)

Did you know that when hanging a flag vertically, you always hang it with the stars to the left?  According to the US Flag Code, the flag represents a living nation, so should be treated and respected as a living thing.  In reality, the stars always hang on the right, the flag's right that is, so it is to the left when you are looking at it.

My kids have so much fun looking at all the different American flags in this fun display I found saleing a few years back. 

The painting on the wall is mine - an old schoolhouse window - and the one on the bottom was done by one of my boys a few years back.

During the days of the revolution, and early Republic, there was no official flag, so there were lots of different designs.  My personal favorite - the yellow one with a snake that says "Don't Tread On Me".  We need to fly that one today, I think.

Another flag and a pair of buntings I found cheap last summer drape the entertainment center.  The kids wouldn't let me cover the TV, but now I wish I had hung the huge fireplace flag there instead.  Then maybe then they'd forget all about the TV and the Wii this summer.  Maybe not.

Some of my vintage tablecloth are in great patriotic colors.

So that ends this Fourth of July parade.  Thanks for all the flag waving! 

Happy Fourth to all you fellow patriot readers out there, and for our wonderful foreign friends, Happy Saturday!


  1. Everything looks Awesome! Love the ribbon on the light and that little Uncle Sam baby is to cute! Thanks for Sharing, Love all the pictures!

  2. Amazing - thank you for sharing. I love your new banner too.

  3. This looks so great. Thanks for inspiring me so my husband could say over the pulpit, "My wife has flags all over the place..." Your the inspiration! Ooh, I had fun at Kohl's today with their after-July 4th sale. I even got you something. Something you don't have. Are you excited? I need more little flags so if you know where to get them, please let me know. Thanks girlie!